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Difficulty of trade technology barrier
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TBT Central Secretariat-Introduction


At the same time of WTO establishment, WTO TBT agreement which is enforceable intended to every WTO member countries has been made in order that technical regulation, standards and conformity assessment each countries adopt may not cause unnecessary barriers for international trade.

TBT agreement provides that member countries should utilize international trade when they develop and adopt technical regulation, standards and conformity assessment. When members enact and revise law on technical regulation and conformity assessment, member countries should notify them to other WTO members through WTO TBT secretariat, if they significantly affect on international trade, according to the agreement.

Moreover, each members should secure to have one or more formal WTO TBT Enquiry Point to response enquiries asked from other members and provide related documents. Korea has three WTO TBT Enquiry Points on KATS(industrial products), MAFRA(agricultural and marine products) and MOHW(food, medical and cosmetic products) by item. Taking KORUS FTA implementation agreement, TBT central secretariat has been established on KATS.


The secretariat promotes the improvement of national external credibility and advance its related internal system by observing and implementing WTO TBT agreement. Also, it supports exporting firms and make them be able to counteract by collecting and analyzing difficulties of the firms on technical regulation other member countries made. In addition, the technical regulation of other countries is eased and Korean companies are promoted to advance into the overseas market, through effective implementation of FTA agreement.

  1. The Easing of Overseas
    Technical Regulation and
    Advancement of System
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  3. Managing Government
    Departments on
    TBT Counteracting

    - Implementing Obligation of
      TBT Notification

    - Strengthening Cooperation
      Channels Between Governments

    Strengthening Support
    for Exporting Firms

    - Collecting and Analyzing
      Difficulties of Exporting Firms

    - Operating TBT Portal System

    Implementing Effectively
    FTA Agreement

    - Propelling Easement of
      Technical Regulation

    - Developing TBT Domestic System